Sentence Examples

  • BT: In addition to being a green product in content and throughout the entire product life-cycle, TAP provides the added benefit of responsible, proactive, preventative pest control which is not provided with other forms of insulation.
  • They may not cover preventative medicine, you may have to pay bills up front and wait to be reimbursed, and the plan may only pay what is designated as "reasonable and customary" expenses, leaving you responsible for the remainder.
  • What research has been able to narrow down are probable causes, risks factors for SIDS, issues that don't cause SIDS, and some good preventative measures that parents and caregivers can take to decrease the risk of SIDS occurring.
  • For preventative rabies immunization in an unexposed child, an inactivated-rabies vaccine is administered in three 1.0-ml. doses, with the second dose seven days after the first, and the third dose 21 or 28 days after the first.
  • While some people develop freckles from sun exposure at a very young age, others find freckles appear well into their adult years after sunbathing and exposing themselves to the sun without proper preventative sunblock.