Sentence Examples

  • Rather than go shiny and slick, rock the classic 70s fashion vibe and scoop up a pair of pointy toe pumps in a gorgeous wine bordeaux or navy kidskin leather that will take you everywhere this year.
  • While many people believe that wearing pointy shoes will cause bunions, you have to have certain genetic tendencies in order for these shoes to cause your feet to deform.
  • This is the perfect shoe for anyone who isn't comfortable in more pointy heels; the slightly square shape will keep the wearer comfortable (and on her feet!) for hours.
  • The round toe is perfect for women who shy away from pointy styles, but the color is so intense that, in the end, it's definitely not a shoe for the timid.
  • It's still the same basic shape as a traditional mascara wand, unlike L'Oreal Telescopic's brush, which has flat sections and pointy sections.