Sentence Examples

  • Large quantities are consumed fresh, but many are pickled or smoked and others prepared like anchovies.
  • The great fair for which it was formerly famous has lost its importance, but the town remains the centre of a variety of domestic trades - tailoring, the manufacture of leather, and the making of boots and small enamelled ikons (sacred images); it is also famous for its kitchen gardening and the export of pickled and dried vegetables and medical herbs.
  • With the exception of sealskins, which are pickled in brine, all raw skins come to the various trade markets simply dried like this.
  • The so-called "Norwegian anchovies" imported into England in little wooden kegs are nothing but sprats pickled in brine with bay-leaves and whole pepper.
  • The flowers are sometimes eaten in salads, and the leaves and young green fruits are pickled in vinegar as a substitute for capers.