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Another word for patchwork

  1. A collection of various things

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Another word for patchwork

      1. A confused or disordered mass:
      2. A kind of thin, sugared cookie shaped like a ring
      3. A muddle
      1. Any jumbled mixture; mess
      2. A kind of stew
      3. A mixture of dissimilar ingredients; a jumble.
      1. A literary, artistic, or musical composition intended to imitate or caricature another artist's style
      2. A literary, artistic, or musical composition made up of bits from various sources; potpourri
      3. A dramatic, literary, or musical piece openly imitating the previous works of other artists, often with satirical intent.
      1. A mixture of dried flower petals and spices used to scent the air.
      2. A combination of incongruous things:
      3. A mixture of dried flower petals with spices, kept as in a jar for its fragrance
      1. Alternative spelling of grab bag.
      2. Something like this in having a variety of things
      3. A gift, purchase, etc. whose contents are concealed until after a selection is made
      1. Mental confusion
      2. A state of mental confusion.
      3. A confused or disordered condition; mess, jumble, etc.