Sentence Examples

  • Hinds believe that the paired piercers are the inner lobes of the maxillae, and the unpaired piercer the left mandible, the right mandible being absent.
  • Sirian partnered with Rissa while the guards fanned out around them, one alert while the other four paired up to spar.
  • Uzel, with the majority of students, regards the paired organs as mandibles and the unpaired as an epipharynx.
  • There are two main theories: (I) that the chromosomes which finally separate are at first paired side by side (Allen, Grgoire, Berghs, Strasburger and others), and (2) that they are joined together or paired end to end (Farmer and Moore, Gregory, Mottier and others).
  • (3) The os entoglossum originally paired, but coalescing into an arrow-headed piece, attached to the anterior end of the basihyal and lodged in the tongue proper.