Sentence Examples

  • Finally in the late 1970s, all of these badges were categorized into five interest groups - The World of Well-Being, The World of People, The World of Today and Tomorrow, The World of the Arts, and The World of the Out-of-Doors.
  • Thermal bodysuits can be layered underneath items to wear out-of-doors.
  • His publications include The Reality of Religion (1884); The Poetry of Tennyson (1889); The Other Wise Man (1896); Ships and Havens (1897); The Toiling of Felix, and Other Poems (1900); The Poetry of the Psalms (1900); The Blue Flower (1902); Days Off (1907); The House of Rimmon (1908); Out-of-Doors in the Holy Land (1908); Collected Poems (191 I); The Bad Shepherd (1911); The Unknown Quantity (1912); The Lost Boy (1914); Fighting for Peace (1917); The Valley of Vision (1919); and Golden Stars (1919) .