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Another word for nullify

  1. To put an end to, especially formally and with authority

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  2. To make ineffective by applying an opposite force or amount

      1. (Slang) To remove as a threat, especially by killing.
      2. To counterbalance or counteract the effect of; render ineffective.
      3. To cause (an acid or base) to undergo neutralization.
      1. To deny the existence or truth of
      2. (Computers) To perform the machine logic operation NOT gate.
      3. To make negative:
      1. To act in opposition to; to hinder, defeat, or frustrate, by contrary agency or influence; as, to counteract the effect of medicines; to counteract good advice.
      2. To act directly against; check, neutralize, or undo the effect of with opposing action
      1. To print or stamp marks on (a postage stamp) as by machine or handstamp, to prevent reuse
      2. (Math.) To remove (a common factor from both terms of a fraction, equivalents of opposite sign or on opposite sides of an equation, etc.)
      3. To offset or cancel each other
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Another word for nullify

      1. To put down or suppress forcibly and completely:
      2. To put an end to or destroy:
      3. To annul or put an end to (a court order, indictment, or court proceedings).
      1. To make invalid; deprive of legal force
      1. (Obsolete) To summon back or recall, especially from exile.
      2. To revoke or rescind, especially by the action of a legislature.
      3. To withdraw officially or formally; revoke; cancel; annul
      1. To make or declare void or invalid, as a marriage or a law; nullify.
      2. To bring to an end the effect or existence of; cancel out:
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