Sentence Examples

  • You should talk with your doctor about any nighttime leg cramps if stretching isn't alleviating your cramping or if the cramping starts to become more severe, more frequent, causing many nights of interrupted sleep or muscle weakness.
  • Weigh that with the number of people on your plan, but don't forget to factor in how often your family members will be talking to one another (or even people on the same network), or talking after the nighttime minutes kick in.
  • Moderate persistent: Symptoms occur daily; nighttime symptoms occur more than once a week; quick-relief medication is used daily; symptoms affect daily activities; severe episodes occur twice a week or more and last for days.
  • The goggles get more expensive as the technology advances, so the different generations of digital goggles available allow people to choose the brand that will provide the best nighttime vision at the most affordable price.
  • Persistent daytime fatigue coupled with frequent nighttime waking are symptoms associated with several sleep disorders, you should consult your physician who can refer you to a sleep study for a proper diagnosis.