Sentence Examples

  • Though the nightclub Djumbala, located in Brooklyn, New York, dubbed itself as the "official" after party club, the distributor of the film, Fox Searchlight, says it was not in any way affiliated with the club nor the after party.
  • Because the most important aspect in dancing well in a nightclub is becoming one with the music, a good way to learn how to dance in a club is to find out what music is commonly played, and then listen to the music at home.
  • Fans began asking, "Is Beyonce pregnant?" after the 24-year-old singer was allegedly overheard telling a friend she was expecting rapper boyfriend Jay-Z's baby during an October 2005 visit to an Atlantic City nightclub.
  • Here, as in all Indy movies, the hero, played as always by Harrison Ford at his Male Lead best, is amiable, unflappable and indominable, although tried to the limits of his patience by a tag-along nightclub singer.
  • According to Wired Magazine contributing editor Spencer Reiss said that MySpace is the biggest mall, nightclub and 7-Eleven parking lot ever created and the most disruptive force to hit pop culture since MTV.