Sentence Examples

  • Sure, you have to play more than one in order to start enjoying them or to really see what they are about, but if you want to ditch the seemingly never-ending customization options in rally games, then play RalliSport Challenge 2.
  • However, even those not familiar with programming will note that this answer is a recursive acronym, and there's simply a loop of question and answer that is never-ending - an example of programmer's humor.
  • It was a never-ending game of catch-up - just when a web designer thought she had her site exactly the way she wanted it in all browsers, some update would occur and change the rules again.
  • Mirror's Edge is a welcome change to the never-ending supply of sequels, rehashes, and rip-offs and this game is especially something different from the makers of the Battlefield games.
  • Chronic head lice is an epidemic that is not only frustrating, but also discouraging, as patients seeking relief and riddance of the head louse seem to fight a never-ending battle.