Sentence Examples

  • National Fire Department Honor Guard Competition was held in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Indiana Convention Center on April 25, 2009.Honor guards are assessed on uniformity, neatness, cleanliness, and military bearing.
  • Another indispensable feature of good bee-management is " forethought," coupled with order and neatness; the rule of where pollen (the fertilizing dust of flowers) is P (g)lentiful plentifu FIG.
  • The cultivation does not compare in neatness and thoroughness with that of China and Japan.
  • Strips are also woven into cages, chairs, beds and other articles of furniture, Oriental wicker-work in bamboo being unequalled for beauty and neatness of workmanship. In China the interior portions of the stem are beaten into a pulp and used for the manufacture of the finer varieties of paper.
  • The original drawings for this map had to be done with exceptional neatness, the draughtsman spending twelve months on that which he would have completed in four months had it been intended to engrave the map on copper; yet an average chart, measuring 530 by 630 mm., which would have taken two years and nine months for drawing and engraving, was completed in less than fifteen months - fifty days of which were spent in " retouching " the copper plate.