Sentence Examples

  • Bruising that occurs around the navel may indicate dangerous internal bleeding; bruising behind the ear, called Battle's sign, may be due to a skull fracture; and raised bruises may point to autoimmune disease.
  • The site offers photo galleries of various babes and also has categories dedicated to specific types of pictures such as "navel pictures" (these are definitely not photos of boats), "wet pictures," and the ever popular bikini pictures.
  • Navel piercing and belly button piercing are essentially the same thing, although some contend that a "true" navel piercing is actually done in the remaining stump portion of the navel itself, casually referred to as the "outie".
  • From the smallest cross-section of a DNA molecule to the proportion between your height and the distance between your navel and your foot, the Golden Ratio in humans may be the design template of the body.
  • Tattooed in elaborate designs from the navel to the thigh, and often around mouth and eyes.