Sentence Examples

  • Milk of sulphur, the confection and the lozenge, is used for this purpose.
  • Tingitana, the last with glossy lozenge-shaped leaflets, grow 8 to to ft.
  • The doors and windows have become lozenge-shaped, the walls bulged and the floors crooked.
  • The " Blue " brigadeGustavus's infantry wore distinctive colours - overran the Rdcken ' 'Battle Of Lutzen November 16th., 1632  :60,000 I German Armym Swedish Army battery of heavy guns, and the " Swedish " 1 and " Yellow " brigades engaged the left face of the Imperialist lozenge with success.
  • (vi.) Aspidosiphon, with 19 species, is easily distinguished by a calcareous deposit and thickened shield at the posterior end and at the base of the introvert, which is eccentric. (vii.) Cloeosiphon has a calcareous ring, made up of lozenge-shaped plates, round the base of its centric introvert.