Sentence Examples

  • Before you can make any changes, you will need to access MySpace's profile customization section, which you can do by logging in to MySpace and clicking the "Customize" button that appears below your name on your profile page.
  • Are you numbering or logging them or anything?
  • The final arrest is due to paralysis of the respiratory centre in the medulla oblongata, hastened by a quasi-asthmatic contraction of the non-striped muscular tissue in the bronchial tubes, and by a "water-logging" of the lungs due to an increase in the amount of bronchial secretion.
  • Schell regards sensors largely in terms of gameplay—but for our purposes, think of them passively logging your life.
  • The statement is not there because you want the log per se but because the logging of the actions is what documents how much you need to pay.