Sentence Examples

  • The reality is that lesbian seduction is every bit as layered, complex, and passionate as any kind of seduction, with the thrill of the chase, triumph of possession and the joy of surrender all parts of the game.
  • What frustrated Deepa Mehta even more was that her film also was criticized by the feminist groups in India, who claimed her film made it seem that the only reason to be an Indian lesbian was if the husband was neglectful.
  • That's not to say they can't be good - everyone finds love in the most unlikely of places - but the fact that even the stock photos on both pages are the same do not bode well for the hopeful lesbian looking for love.
  • From being unable to admit the existence, much less validity, of romantic relationships between women, major networks now have no trouble weaving lesbian love stories into the plot lines of their most popular shows.
  • While gay news publications are ideal, many mainstream papers and magazines feature a personals section where people can meet and date if they choose, and most will have sections devoted to gay and lesbian singles.