Sentence Examples

  • You will explore dark and dangerous places like the labyrinthine, the ruined dwarven city underneath the earth, an unholy keep of a vampire, and other dimensional planes.
  • Asymmetrical tonic neck reflex (sometimes called the tonic labyrinthine reflex) is activated as a result of turning the head to one side.
  • The heroine is vaguely threatened by spooky happenings in the labyrinthine mansion, but the menace never seems to be resolved.
  • One could have traveled round the word many times while I trudged my weary way through the labyrinthine mazes of grammars and dictionaries, or fell into those dreadful pitfalls called examinations, set by schools and colleges for the confusion of those who seek after knowledge.
  • First (and perhaps earliest in time), the chambers are grouped round a central court, being engaged one with the other in a labyrinthine complexity, and the greater oblongs are entered from a long side and divided longitudinally by pillars.