Sentence Examples

  • Eventually, Draper becomes a full partner in the revamped agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, and must juggle his professional career with his home life and the rapidly changing times.
  • It will be a juggle to find music that is both recognizable and original enough that other squads will have neglected its usage, but the performance music is the first step towards creating an incredible dance routine.
  • The Frungillos juggle four different facilities and up to 10 weddings in a single day, plus a handful of emotional brides and various acts of nature that directly impact the expensive receptions they design.
  • Many doctoral students have an inherent need for flexibility, since they independently complete research projects, guide their own studies, and may juggle jobs or families in addition to their academic work.
  • Additionally, know that more than likely, parents and teachers will also expect you to juggle this new work load, right along with all of your other household chores and sport and club commitments.