Sentence Examples

  • After a shoot-out at a chemical plant between the police and a band of thugs working for a local organized crime ring, Jack Napier, having fallen into a vat of chemicals, is transformed into the Joker.
  • Other classic Batman characters are also present, Bruce's trusty butler, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon and district attorney, Harvey Dent to name a few, though none shine as much as the Joker.
  • Returning to Gotham City, Wayne builds a lair (the Batcave) in his mansion and begins to fight crime, starting with the Scarecrow and continuing with the Joker in The Dark Knight.
  • Having followed powerful villains like the Joker, Scarecrow and Two Face, many are looking to the past Batman productions and comics for a glimmer of the future.
  • Batman can't take out his foe with an arsenal of missiles and machine guns, but the Joker can whip out an extended pistol and bring down the Batwing?