Sentence Examples

  • So how do you know which concerns are pre-wedding jitters and which are red-run-for-the-hills-flags?
  • Watch waistlines expand, hairlines recede and caffeine jitters become a constant buzz while trying to "tune" a level or two of the game enough for the publisher (the guys who pay the bills) to put said game into the booth.
  • Ultimately, however, the biggest appeal of Caribbean beach weddings is the inherent romance and luxury of the tropical location, with waves caressing the sand and a gentle warm breeze lulling pre-ceremony jitters.
  • Just be sure to make it well in advance of your wedding to avoid last-minute jitters from hemming a slippery satin gown the night before your wedding.
  • Since none of the key players have to drive, the ride to the ceremony location is festive, helping to alleviate pre-wedding stress and jitters.