Sentence Examples

  • Even with the park hopper option, your ticket price becomes a little more discounted with each day added on, meaning the full price of your ticket for five days will be different than a three day pass - it is not an itemized, daily charge.
  • This person also has complete access to the itemized bills, which show all calls to and from the phone, length of conversation, amount of data used - even sometimes the text messages sent and received.
  • To activate a money-saving coupon code, simply enter it in the designated field on the company's website prior to checkout and you should see your savings itemized in the order total.
  • The itemized credit card activity statements make it easier for business owners to track how much money each employee charges on the Washington Mutual Visa credit card.
  • The specific rules regarding itemized deductions are listed in IRS Publication 17, the instructions for completing Form 1040 and Tax Topics 551 and 501.