Sentence Examples

  • The object to be lacquered, which is generally made of thin white pine, is subjected to singularly thorough and painstaking treatment.
  • These figures include not only the categories of income and expenditure proper, but also those known as movement of capital, railway constructions and part ite di giro, which do not constitute real income and expenditure.i Considering only income and expenditure proper, the approximate totals are:
  • An acid terminating in -ous forms a salt ending in -ite, and an oxyacid ending in -ic forms a salt ending in -ate.
  • And comprises the valleys of Acari, Atequipa, Atico, Ocona, Majes or Camana, Quilca, with the interior valley of Arequipa, Tambo, Ilo or Moquegua, Ite or Locumba.
  • 'G?ite./he'a ?"