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Another word for integer

      1. A thing that has definite, individual existence outside or within the mind; anything real in itself
      2. The fact of existence; being.
      3. Something that exists as a particular and discrete unit:
      1. A single organism as distinguished from a species, community, or group.
      2. A human regarded as a distinctive or unique personality:
      3. A single human considered apart from a society or community:
      1. Zero or any positive multiple of 1
      2. A member of the set of positive integers and zero.
      3. The total count (Example: "The whole number of votes cast.")
      1. An indefinite integral.
      2. (Mathematics) A number computed by a limiting process in which the domain of a function, often an interval or planar region, is divided into arbitrarily small units, the value of the function at a point in each unit is multiplied by the linear or areal measurement of that unit, and all such products are summed.
      3. A definite integral.
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