Sentence Examples

  • In 1368 an inquisition was taken to ascertain these privileges, and the jurors found that the burgesses held "all the soil of their borough yielding 7s.
  • The Inquisition merely advised him and his companions to dress in a less extraordinary manner and to go shod.
  • The activity of the Inquisition was redoubled, and persecution raged throughout the Netherlands.
  • After occupying the positions of procurator of the Jesuits at Rome and censor (calificador) of the Inquisition at Madrid, Acuna returned to South America, where he died, probably soon after 1675.
  • Set forth the doctrine of lecherous demons as an indisputable fact; and in the history of the Inquisition and of trials for witchcraft may be found the confessions of many who bore witness to their reality.