Sentence Examples

  • Inimitably unflappable, David Niven turned to the audience and candidly remarked, "Isn't it fascinating to think that the only laugh that man will probably ever get in his life was when he stripped off to show his shortcomings."
  • You know the ones - those stylish belts that are inimitably cool at first glance, so cool you just have to have it, yet deep in your heart you know it probably won't be worn for much more than a year or even a few months.
  • Inimitably striking, the Coach Bleecker denim floral handbags collection easily turns heads despite not being the most ostentatious styles in the world.
  • Fit and flare jeans offer a noticeably wider leg opening than the boot cut variety, but their style is otherwise inimitably classic.
  • Inimitably chic, this bag pairs well with just about everything and even holds the potential to work in a variety of situations.