Sentence Examples

  • Chauveau points to the reduction in the 12-hour term as compared to the 24-hour term on the Eiffel Tower, and infers the practical disappearance of the former at no great height.
  • The author of 2 Maccabees infers from his success that the nation had forfeited all right to divine protection for the time (2 Macc. v.
  • He infers, from these facts, that there is no sure evidence for the authorship of the fourth and fifth treatises.
  • From this he infers that cyanogen is C: N N :C and not N; C C; N, that hydrocyanic acid is HC N, and acetonitrile CH 3 C; N.
  • Similarly the Armenian writer Gregory Magistros (c. 1040) accuses the Thonraki of teaching that "Moses saw not God, but the devil," and infers thence that they held Satan to be creator of heaven and earth, as well as of mankind.

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