Sentence Examples

  • Now the previously silent, oppressed masses can form a multitude capable of bringing about radical steps in the liberation of humankind.
  • Certainly, the earliest history of swimsuits involved wearing nothing more than your birthday suit, but as humankind progressed, people became a lot more concerned about just how much of their bodies they were willing to show.
  • During this gate opening, humankind will leap to the next level of evolution and the message from the Mayans is for everyone to re-examine their lives so we don't become victims of the impending cataclysmic events.
  • Is it just more media hype or is the government allowing special interest groups to pressure the FDA into approving food items that pose a threat to humankind?
  • Nicknamed the miracle plant or the natural healer, humankind has known of the medicinal uses of aloe vera for more then 4,000 years.