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Another word for herbarium

      1. A piece of ground, usually close to a house, for growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, ornamental shrubs or trees, etc.
      2. Grounds laid out with flowers, trees, and ornamental shrubs and used for recreation or display:
      3. An arrangement of living material that is cultivated for food, as a fungus garden maintained by ants.
      1. An environment conducive to vigorous growth or development; a hotbed:
      2. A heated greenhouse for plants that require an even, relatively warm temperature.
      3. A building made mainly of glass, artificially heated for growing plants; greenhouse
      1. A place where parents may temporarily leave children with trained attendants
      2. A place where young trees or other plants are raised for experimental purposes, for transplanting, or for sale
      3. A room or apartment in a home, set apart for the children as a playroom, study, dining room, etc.
      1. A place where a variety of plants are grown, primarily for scientific or educational reasons, but are normally open to the public, and include ornamental plants from around the world.
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