Sentence Examples

  • Christmas cakes run the gamut from plain cakes decorated with red and green icing to fruitcake, Italian Panettone, and King Cake, which is served on the Epiphany to celebrate the arrival of the kings to the manger.
  • Male celebrity hairstyles run the gamut from sleek and simple to wild and crazy, but not matter what fans may think of any movie, song, or awards show appearance, you can always find something to admire in a great celebrity hair style.
  • Their site offers links that let you see which styles are most popular, what other customers have to say and a menu of styles to choose from as dress and skirt styles run the fashion gamut from casual and career wear to evening wear.
  • While most individuals automatically think of a full-length ball gown when they hear the term formal wear, the reality is garments for formal occasions run the gamut from evening pantsuits to formal gowns to dressy casual outfits.
  • French-At-A-Touch: One this site, you can find French words that run the gamut from common foods to times and dates to beverages; all of which are necessary for getting around successfully in a French speaking country.