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Another word for gale

  1. A natural movement or current of air

      1. Anything of fine, soft, or light quality, especially fabric
      2. A gentle breeze
      3. Any light refreshing wind; a gentle breeze
      1. Moving air, especially a natural and perceptible movement of air parallel to or along the ground.
      2. The direction from which a movement of air comes:
      3. Air in motion
      1. A sudden burst, as of rain or smoke.
      2. A sudden burst of rain, smoke, fire, sound, etc.
      3. A sudden, strong rush of air or wind
      1. A substance left when coke, coal, or charcoal is burned or processed: it is used as a filler for concrete, etc.
      2. Small pieces of coke or coal with a diameter of 1.27 cm (.5 in) or less
      3. A light current of air; wind, esp. a gentle wind
      1. A sudden hard stroke or hit, as with the fist or an object.
      2. The state of blossoming:
      3. A mass of blossoms:
      1. The sound of a sudden rush of air or gas, as through a trumpet
      2. The steady current of air forced into a blast furnace
      3. A gust of wind; strong rush of air
      1. A distinctive quality or appearance; an aura:
      2. The general environment or condition, as in attitudes and ideas:
      3. A movement of air; breeze; wind
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Another word for gale

      1. Any violent tropical cyclone originating in the W Pacific, esp. in the South China Sea
      2. A tropical cyclone occurring in the western Pacific or Indian Oceans.
      3. A weather phenomenon in the Eastern Pacific that is precisely equivalent to a hurricane, which results in wind speeds of 64 knots (118km/h) or above. Equivalent to a cyclone in the Indian Ocean and Indonesia/Australia.
      1. An unexpected shock or calamity.
      2. The state of blossoming:
      3. A mass of blossoms:
      1. A storm with high winds or violent gusts but little or no rain.
      2. A storm with a strong wind but little or no rain, hail, etc.
      3. A storm in which there are strong, violent winds but no precipitation
      1. (Sports, aerial freestyle skiing) "full—triple-full—full" – an acrobatic maneuver consisting of three flips and five twists, with one twist on the first flip, three twists on the second flip, one twist on the third flip
      2. A British fighter aircraft used during World War II, especially during the Battle of Britain
      3. A violent tropical cyclone with winds moving at 74 or more miles per hour, often accompanied by torrential rains, and originating usually in the West Indian region: winds of hurricane force sometimes occur in the absence of a hurricane system