Sentence Examples

  • Already the nations are groaning under the burdens of militarism, and are for ever diverting energies that might be employed in the furtherance of useful productive work to purposes of an opposite character.
  • He spent his whole strength in the furtherance of his ideas.
  • In 1643, when the full legal establishment of Presbytery had just been consummated, the assembly, asked by the English W parliament to arrange a league to be signed in both countries for the furtherance of reformed religion, agreed, but asked that the league should be a religious one.
  • His policy was to strengthen the monarchy and to use it for the furtherance of a comprehensive scheme of reform.
  • It is impossible to overestimate the value of Sir John Simon's work, or the importance of his influence in the furtherance of the public health and the prevention of disease, and in inculcating right methods of medical government.