Sentence Examples

  • The most distinct and beautiful as well as the freest in growth are cambricum, elegantissimum, pulcherrimum, and trichomanoides.
  • And, as far as legislation could make it, Sicily became one of the freest countries in Europe.
  • (Leipzig and Paris, 1852), a vigorous defence based upon original documents to which, as custodian of the Vatican archives, the author had freest access; Cretineau-Joly replied with Le Pape Clement XIV; Lettres au P. Theiner (Paris, 1852).
  • As a Hindu by birth, and a Vaishnava by family religion, I have had the freest access to the innermost sanctuaries and to the most secret of scriptures.
  • One of the freest states in the world, they encouraged a despotic misrule in which falsely-called free citizens were enslaved.