Sentence Examples

  • You can find a tour operator that will bundle together your airfare, accommodation, in-country travel and even tour excursions while you are there at a discounted price versus paying for each facet of the trip separately.
  • The yoga philosophy maintains that the breath is the most important facet of health, as the breath is the largest source of "prana," or life force, and hatha yoga uses "pranayama," which literally means the science or control of breathing.
  • Each of these conditions is undoubtedly complex with varied etiologies, however a gluten-free diet represents a low-risk therapy patients can implement independently as one facet of a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • This game offers up a killer new twist on multiplayer abilities, a facet that was never a strong point of the series.First of all, you can wirelessly trade souls with a buddy to help fill in your list of acquired abilities.
  • As noted above, suicidal ideation can be a potential facet of depressed mood adjustment disorders, and untreated adjustment disorder with depressed mood can lead to more serious mental illness, including major depression.