Sentence Examples

  • The official LUST site boasts a commitment to reducing environmental impact by making consumers aware of the massive effect bicycle transportation has on our ecology.
  • While fighting for the cleaning and protection of the oceans, surfers want to take another positive step and show their commitment to ecology by wearing eco-friendly fabrics.
  • This litter is significantly different from other brands on the market, and LoveToKnow Cats spoke with Ralph Steckel, founder and CEO of Pet Ecology, to find out why.
  • Since the late 1960's around the time of the ecology movement, there's been a growing awareness about health food, mainly the relationship between the food we eat and our health.
  • MST is frequently referred to as a "family-ecological systems approach" because it views the family's ecology, consisting of the various systems with which the family and child interact (for example, home, school, and community).