Sentence Examples

  • But the devil was duped, as Christ overcame both him and death" (p. 367).
  • The Test Act was now brought forward, and Shaftesbury, who appears to have heard how he had been duped in 1670, supported it, with the object probably of thereby getting rid of Clifford.
  • 4 with headquarters at St Louis, but his lack of judgment and of administrative ability soon became apparent, the affairs of his department fell into disorder, and Fremont seems to have been easily duped by dishonest contractors whom he trusted.
  • On the outbreak of the World War he at first seemed to be going to side with the Government, but, after having obtained some private knowledge of the way in which German public opinion had been duped, he turned against his own party, the Social Democrats, and attacked them for supporting the war.
  • Barton turned out afterwards to have been an impostor, but she had duped More, who now lived in a superstitious atmosphere of convents and churches, and he had given his countenance to her supernatural pretensions.