Sentence Examples

  • Tinctures of cocaine could be had for a nickel or a dime at the corner druggist with no prescription, let alone interference from officers of the law.
  • The second examination qualifies for registration as a chemist and druggist.
  • At the age of twelve he became clerk to a notary, and was afterwards apprenticed to a druggist.
  • The apothecaries' ordinance at Nuremberg provided that no Theriaca should in future be branded with the seal of the city unless it had been previously examined and declared worthy of the same by the doctors of medicine, and that every druggist must know the age of the Theriaca he sold.
  • During the seven years of his married life Mill published less than in any other period of his career, but four of his most ' Mrs Taylor (Harriet Hardy) was the wife of John Taylor, a wholesale druggist in the city of London.