Sentence Examples

  • Attire: Find your dream wedding dress or get help choosing a dapper tuxedo at LoveToKnow Weddings, along with helpful information on choosing bridal party attire.
  • Many men get comfortable with one tie knot style and stick to it all their lives, but if you want to learn new knots-to make your appearance more stylish and dapper at times-you can easily find directions for a variety of tie styles.
  • Whether or not he'll wear a tie and if it'll be a clip-on or a real choker, dapper blues or fun pastels, and if you'll let him get away with a pair of sneakers will all need to be taken into consideration well before the event.
  • John Gotti, known in some circles as Dapper Don for his fashion sense and Teflon Don for his ability to beat charges time and again, was the head of the Gambino crime family in the late 80s and early 90s.
  • For example, the aforementioned Members Only jacket makes a great gift for the avid '80s aficionado, while a classic smoking jacket might please the dapper gentleman with a taste for luxurious garments.