Sentence Examples

  • Here you will find household brands like Gerber, which produces the classic little white tees that fit easily over your infant's head and dangle slightly below the belly button area.
  • To save money but still enjoy the luxury and beauty of dangle earrings, couples can investigate styles that use fewer gemstones or that use diamond chips instead of fully cut gems.
  • Drop and dangle earrings should be of a moderate length, and earring size should remain small to medium to remain eye-catching and attractive rather than gaudy.
  • The gems can also be wired into different three dimensional shapes such as snowflakes or stars on the side of the cup, or can be attached to the edge of a cup to dangle freely.
  • Garter belts are stretchy pieces of fabric shaped like a belt, that have at least four straps that dangle from the belt; two in the front and two in the back.