Sentence Examples

  • These frames were numbered consecutively 1 to 12, and hinged together as shown in fig.
  • No burgomaster can be in office for longer than two years consecutively, and no member of the Senate may hold any other public office.
  • All children between the ages of eight and twelve years are required to attend a public school at least twelve weeks in a year (six weeks consecutively) unless excused on account of weakness of mind or body, unless the child can read and write and is attending a private school, or unless the child lives more than two miles from the nearest school and more than one mile from an established public school wagon route.
  • The communities of Vysehrad (1883), Holesovic-Bubna (1884) and Liben (1901) were consecutively included in the city.
  • The great schoolmen were transmitters - putting in order, stating clearly and consecutively, conclusions reached by wiser and holier men in earlier times.