Sentence Examples

  • The circuits in which the batterybattery P and and d being galvanometer called the ratio branches placed are called conjugate circuits, and the circuits P, Q, R, and S are called the arms of the bridge, the '44 S arms and S the measuring arm.
  • In length, the conjugate diameter being 12 in.
  • But like every pure theory the principles of conjugate pressures in earth may lead to danger if not applied with due consideration for the angle of repose of the material, the modifications brought about by the limited width of artificial embankments, the possible contraction away from the masonry, of clayey materials during dry weather for some feet in depth and the tendency of surface waters to produce scour between the wall and the embankment.
  • Thus a partition of 6 is 42; writing this in the form z 11' and summing the columns instead of the lines, we obtain the conjugate partition 2211; evidently, starting from 2211, the conjugate partition is 42.
  • The problem is identical with that of finding the common conjugate diameters of the ellipsoids T(x, y, I) =const., V(x, y, 1) =const.