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Another word for conjugate

  1. To bring or come together into a united whole

      1. To join in marriage
      2. To become joined.
      3. To join together; link
      1. To unite closely:
      2. To perform the marriage ceremony for; join in matrimony.
      3. To perform the marriage ceremony for; to join in matrimony.
      1. To become combined or joined together; become one or as one, by adhering, associating, etc.
      2. To bring together in common cause, interest, opinion, etc.; join, as in action, through fellowship, agreement, legal bonds, etc.
      3. To join (a couple) in marriage.
      1. To make into or become a unit; consolidate.
      2. To combine into one; become or make united; consolidate
      1. To blend; merge; unite
      2. To become merged.
      3. (Card Games) To make known, for a score, that one holds (a card or combination of cards), esp. by putting them face up on the table
      1. To get married; take a spouse
      2. To take as a spouse:
      3. To join as spouses; unite in wedlock
      1. To connect, relate, or associate:
      2. To join together with or as with a link or links
      3. To be or become joined together physically:
      1. To come into the company of:
      2. To come together; meet
      3. To put or bring together so as to make continuous or form a unit:
      1. (Elec.) To join (two or more circuits) by a common magnetic or electric field or by direct connection
      2. To link together; connect:
      3. To form pairs; join.
      1. To join in a merger or union:
      2. To make strong or secure; strengthen:
      3. To unite into one system or whole; combine:
      1. To join to or by means of a communications circuit:
      2. To establish a rapport or relationship; relate:
      3. To join or fasten (two things together, or one thing with or to another); link; couple
      1. To join or become joined together; unite.
      1. To make of, or cover with, concrete
      2. To build, treat, or cover with hard, strong conglomerate construction material.
      3. To form into a mass by coalescence or cohesion of particles or parts.
      1. To come to terms; agree.
      2. To produce or create by combining two or more ingredients or parts; compose or make up:
      3. To combine and form a compound
      1. To harvest and thresh with a combine
      2. To join together for a common purpose.
      3. To come or bring into union; act or mix together; unite; join
      1. To cause to coalesce as a single whole or entity:
      2. To come together for a single purpose:
      3. To come or grow together into a single mass:
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