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Another word for bridge

  1. An elevated structure

      1. A bridge with several spans that carries road or rail traffic over a valley or other obstacles.
      2. A series of spans or arches used to carry a road or railroad over a wide valley or over other roads or railroads.
      3. A long bridge consisting of a series of short spans supported on piers or towers, usually to carry a road or railroad over a valley, gorge, etc.
      1. A raised horizontal surface of wood, stone, or metal
      2. A shoe with a platform sole
      3. A thick layer, as of leather or cork, between the inner and outer soles of a shoe, giving added height.
      1. A flat-bottomed boat
      2. A floating structure serving as a dock.
      3. Any of a number of these, or of some other floating objects, as hollow cylinders, used as supports for a temporary bridge (pontoon bridge)
      1. A narrow platform extending as from a stage, along which fashion models walk while displaying clothing
      2. A narrow, elevated walk or platform, as one along the edge of a bridge or over the engine room of a ship
      3. A narrow, often elevated walkway, as on the sides of a bridge or in the flies above a theater stage.
      1. A board or ramp used as a removable footway between a ship and a pier.
      2. A narrow, movable platform or ramp forming a bridge by which to board or leave a ship
      1. A bridge that can be raised or drawn aside to permit passage of watercraft or prevent access, as to a fort
      2. A hinged bridge which can be raised (to prevent its being crossed, as across a moat, or to allow watercraft to travel beneath it).
      1. A framework, using spreading, divergent pairs of legs used to support a bridge.
      2. A framework consisting of a horizontal beam fastened to two pairs of spreading legs, used to support planks to form a table, platform, etc.
      3. A framework of vertical or slanting uprights and crosspieces, supporting a bridge, etc.
      1. A bridge or other passageway over a road, railway, etc.
      2. A passage, roadway, or bridge that crosses above another roadway or thoroughfare.
      1. Something, such as a railroad trestle or bridge, that extends from one point to another.
      2. The distance between ends or supports
      3. A unit of linear measure equal to nine inches: originally based on the distance between the tips of a man's extended thumb and little finger
      1. A temporary wooden stage or platform, as that on which medieval plays were presented
      2. A temporary platform, either supported from below or suspended from above, on which workers sit or stand when performing tasks at heights above the ground.
      3. A raised wooden framework or platform.
  2. A game at cards

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  3. A link

      1. The relation between things that depend on, involve, or follow each other; causal relationship
      2. A person, especially one of influence or importance, with whom one is associated, as by kinship or common interests:
      3. A conveyance or scheduled run providing continuing service between means of transportation:
      1. A substance or device, as glue, solder, or a chain, which holds things together or unites them
      2. (Masonry) The way in which bricks, stones, etc. are lapped upon one another in building
      3. A uniting force or tie; a link:
      1. An equality of scores, votes, or performance in a contest:
      2. Something that connects, binds, or joins; bond; link
      3. A string, lace, cord, etc. used to tie things
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      1. To join to or by means of a communications circuit:
      2. To join or fasten (two things together, or one thing with or to another); link; couple
      3. To establish a rapport or relationship; relate:
      1. To furnish with something that extends or stretches over
      2. To extend across in space or time:
      3. To measure, esp. by the hand with the thumb and little finger extended
      1. To connect, relate, or associate:
      2. To follow a link in a webpage or electronic document:
      3. To join together with or as with a link or links
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