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Another word for barter

      1. The number of passengers, quantity of freight, etc. carried by a transportation company during a given period
      2. Buying and selling; barter; trade, sometimes, specif., of a wrong or illegal kind
      3. The commercial exchange of goods; trade.
      1. A place for exchanging; esp., a place where trade is carried on in securities or commodities by brokers, merchants, etc.
      2. The checks, drafts, etc. presented to a clearinghouse for exchange and settlement
      3. A central office, or a system operated by it, providing telephone communication in a community or in part of a city
      1. The people working in or associated with a business or industry:
      2. A branch or kind of business:
      3. The trade winds
      1. To exchange or give (something) in an exchange (for something else).
      2. To trade one thing for another.
      3. To exchange, trade, or barter
      1. To negotiate the terms of an agreement, as to sell or exchange.
      2. To sell or trade to another by bargaining; barter
      3. To exchange; trade:
      1. To exchange; barter; swap
      2. To carry on a trade or business
      3. To give in exchange for something else: