Sentence Examples

  • The penalty for adultery was the loss of the eyes,.
  • When a divorce is obtained because of adultery, permission of the guilty party to marry again is in the discretion of the court.
  • A horrible reign of terror ensued, in the course of which the ex-tsaritsa Eudoxia was dragged from her monastery and publicly tried for alleged adultery, while all who had in any way befriended Alexius were impaled, broken on the wheel and otherwise lingeringly done to death.
  • The Long Parliament had ordered a strict observance of Sunday, punished swearing severely, and made adultery a capital crime; Cromwell issued further ordinances against duelling, swearing, racemeetings and cock-fights - the last as tending to the disturbance of the public peace and the encouragement of "dissolute practices to the dishonour of God."
  • The party convicted of adultery is forbidden to marry the co-respondent during the lifetime of the other party.