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Another word for abbey

      1. A place, especially a monastery or convent, devoted to religious seclusion.
      2. An arched way or covered walk along the inside wall or walls of a monastery, convent, church, or college building, with a columned opening along one side leading to a courtyard or garden
      3. Life in a monastery or convent.
      1. A community of nuns or, sometimes, monks, living under strict religious vows
      2. A community, especially of nuns, bound by vows to a religious life under a superior.
      3. The building or buildings occupied by such a community
      1. The dwelling place of such a community.
      2. A community of persons, especially monks, bound by vows to a religious life and often living in partial or complete seclusion.
      3. A building or residence for monks or others who have withdrawn from the world, as for religious contemplation