Sentence Examples

  • Finally, retiring to a hermitage, he ends his days in the odour of sanctity.
  • Near the town is a curious ancient hermitage cave, in the sandstone.
  • In Southgate is an ancient hermitage and oratory cut out of the solid rock, which dates from 1396.
  • At any rate, Rousseau quitted the Hermitage in the winter of 1757-58, and established himself at Montlouis in the neighbourhood.
  • Other kinds of repetition are Shelley's Witch of Atlas, 6 i i seq., "Like one asleep in a green hermitage, I With gentle sleep about its eyelids playing" (sleep for smiles has come from the previous line); Revolt of Islam, 4749, "Where" for "When" appears to have come from "Where" in 4750 or 4751.