Sentence Examples

  • She was able to breathe deeply again and her weeping turned to a trickle.
  • A species of weeping maple (shidare-momiji) dresses itself in peachy-red foliage and is trained into many picturesque shapes, though not without detriment to its longevity.
  • He released her without another word, and she curled onto her side, weeping not only for the bizarre world she'd entered but from the realization she'd never, ever, ever return to hers.
  • It is about the size of an ordinary apple tree, with small leaves like the willow, and a drooping habit like a weeping birch, and has an edible fruit like a yellow plum called " mangaba," for which, rather than for the rubber, the tree is cultivated in some districts.
  • Distant from the village of Weenen (" Weeping "), so named by the first Boer settlers in memory of a Zulu raid.

What's another word for weeping?

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