Sentence Examples

  • Fortunately for Russia the autocratic power was now in the hands of a man who was impressionable enough to be deeply influenced by the spirit of the time, and who had sufficient prudence and practical common-sense to prevent his being carried away by the prevailing excitement into the dangerous region of Utopian dreaming.
  • In philosophy and science he was an amateur, seeking to found a new sociology and a Utopian polity out of his own inner consciousness and study of nature, of poetry and the Bible.
  • Besides his Sunday sermons, he delivered Wednesday lectures on social and political subjects; and he also projected a scheme for connecting with the "oratory" a university on quite a utopian plan.
  • Prins, the chief of the prison department, who has protested that to hope the vicious, hardened offender, after a long detention, "surrounded with every attention, soaked with good counsel, will leave his cell regenerated," is a Utopian dream.
  • Hence the terms Utopia and Utopian are also used to denote any visionary scheme of reform or social theory, especially those which fail to recognize defects inherent in human nature.

What's another word for Utopian?

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