Sentence Examples

  • When freed from excess of water it is laid on a sheet of thick white blotting-paper, and a piece of smooth washed calico is placed upon it (unwashed calico, on account of its "facing," adheres to the sea-weed).
  • The wool product of the state in 1900 was 9,638,002 lb, and in 1910 was 8,943,750 lb washed and unwashed and 3,040,875 lb scoured.
  • Between the date of her death in 1758 and his own on the 10th of August 17 J9 he fell into a state of prostration in which he would not even dress, but wandered unshaven, unwashed and in a nightgown about his park.
  • The production of wool in 1909 was 38,400,000 lb of washed and unwashed wool and 12,288,000 lb of scoured wool.
  • Wool ranked second in value ($2,210,790), and according to the estimate of the National Association of Wool Manufactures for 1907, Idaho ranked fourth among the wool-producing states in number of sheep (2,500,000), third in wool, washed and unwashed (17,250,000 lb), and fourth in scoured wool (5,692,500 It).

What's another word for unwashed?

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