Sentence Examples

  • On the east it is strongly undercut by the retrogressive erosion of the headwaters of the Red, Brazos and Colorado rivers of Texas, and presents a ragged escarpment, 500 to 800 ft.
  • For statuary, and "undercut" work generally, an elastic mould - of glue and treacle (80: 20 parts) - may be used; the mould, when set, is waterproofed by immersion in a solution of potassium bichromate followed by exposure to sunlight, or in some other way.
  • - Stone Carving, deeply undercut, of the so-called Palma type.
  • It is made sufficiently strong to bear the weight of the animals, which are confined within their bounds by undercut overhanging ridges, and by deep and wide ditches, masked by rockwork.