Sentence Examples

  • At length the intrigues of the Hawaiian embassy gave umbrage to the German government, and it was deemed prudent to recall it to Honolulu in July 1887.
  • This second intervention gave umbrage to France, who by way of a counterpoise sent a force to occupy Ancona.
  • Professing to have taken umbrage at Sarpi's extensive correspondence with learned heretics, but more probably determined to thwart the desires of the liberal rulers of Venice.
  • The prince of Wales, it is clear, gave much umbrage to his father by his eagerness to direct the policy of the crown ere.yet it had fallen to him by inheritance.
  • The Confessions and Reveries, which, read in private, had given much umbrage to persons concerned, and which the author did not intend to be published until the end of the century, appeared in Geneva in 1782.

What's another word for umbrage?

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