Sentence Examples

  • In a French text-book thus: " The layer, keeping his eye about a foot from the collimateur and working the elevating wheel, makes the hori z ontal line dance about the landscape until it dances on to the target; then working the traversing gear he does the same with the vertical line, then bringing his eye close, he brings the intersection on to the target."
  • Finally, although Clay for his support of the compromises and Seward and Chase for their opposition have gained in reputation, Webster has been selected as the special target for hostile criticism.
  • A greater volume of fire can thus be obtained, but the great height of the cavalier makes it an easy target for a besieger's guns.
  • 4 that if the gun and target are on the same horizontal plane the axis can be equally well directed by inclining it to the horizontal through the requisite number of degrees.
  • To to 13 explain this more fully, and show that for indirect laying the angle of sight must be Target Horizontal line Angle Of-eleuation?'- - of sight; ??.

What's another word for target?

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